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Kent Scarborough
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Kent Paul Scarborough overview

Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is a former CEO & entrepreneur who started and built successful business in Australia and other parts of the world. Kent Paul claims that there is nothing he enjoyed more than creating a business and then being there to grow it to become big and successful. He is an intelligent problem solver. He is keen on identifying a need and then matching it with a solution for the decision maker.

While he works smart to get things done the right way, he is also a hard worker who believes in hard work. He doesn’t like taking shortcuts in order to achieve success in his undertakings. His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to successfully create businesses from the ground up. He is a proven builder of lasting business relationships credited for his outstanding negotiating skills. He a great deal-maker who is known for making some of the best deals in business in Australia.

He is a creative strategic thinker and problems solver who can help an organization get out of a deadlock with success. He is passionate professional who loves to do what he does and loves to see things working perfectly. He is a dynamic and energetic man who prefers to get things done right rather than wait for it to be done for him. He has an outstanding skill set something that has enabled to excel at the various professional positions he has held in the past.

Kent Paul Scarborough professional background:

Kent has served in various positions throughout his career. Here are is a sneak peep into his professional background:

2014–2015: Board Member & Volunteer (Wounded Heroes Org Charity Brisbane, Queensland)

Kent was invited to the Wounded Heroes Board Organization to work on a volunteer basis. His roles included working to assist wounded soldiers. These were soldiers who were suffering from physical disabilities they got from the various wars.

Kent Paul Scarborough roles here included:

- Assisting and referrals to chaplains for human to human communication, advice and referral.

- Non payable cash loans and donations to suffering soldier’s spouses and their children.

- Refurbishment and renovation of the soldier’s dwellings to ensure that a returning soldier who is wounded physically and mentally can return to a hospitable home.

2010–2011: Solar Manager AAA Trade Power — Solar — Sydney, New South Wales

Kent worked as the manager solar power energy company managing a small team that sold and installed domestic solar systems within the city of Sydney and surrounding areas. The same company also manufactured and imported high-quality solar panels and power inverters which they sold to their customers.

2009–2011: Insulation Owner Manager AAA Trade Power Insulation Manufacturer /Installations — Sydney, New South Wales

In his capacity as the insulation manager for AAA Trade Power Company, Kent operated and managed a small team of around 150. The team sold and installed ceiling insulation within the 400 kilometers of Sydney and surrounding areas.

The same company either manufactured or imported ceiling insulations worth over $ 1,000,000 which exceeded the Australian Standard. This led to the Australian government to approve the company to supply insulation accessories for their customers’ ceilings.

Other professional experiences of Kent Paul Scarborough:

AAA Trade Power — Sydney, New South Wales

He was the owner manager between 2000 and 2010

AAA Trade Power — Sydney, New South Wales

He was here between 2005 and 2006

World Wide Home Loans Australia — CEO & Director 1992–2008

Gourment Wine Vac Inc — Los Angeles, California USA 1990–1991
He was the vice president.



Kent Scarborough

Kent Paul Scarborough Former CEO & Entrepreneur. Loves to create, start and build businesses.