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Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is a talented CEO and entrepreneur from Australia who has left an impressive professional legacy at various positions he has served in industries falling in a myriad of domains. There is nothing that Kent Scarborough finds more stimulating than building a business from scratch and witness it getting successful. He is a smart problem solver who has the ability to meticulously identify a business need and match it with the correct solution.

During his long career spanning many years, Mr. Kent Paul has competently performed many roles in different positions. Take a look at the amazingly impressive professional journey of Mr. Scarborough below :-

1. Wounded Heroes Org — Charity — Brisbane, Queensland

Active years — 2014 to 2015

Role & Position — Board Member and Volunteer

Mr. Kent Scarborough was invited to work with the Wounded Heroes Board Organization, a charity, on a volunteer basis and was then voted onto the board. Here, he was primarily involved with helping wounded soldiers lead a respectable life by helping them avail non repayable cash loans. He also assisted with facilitating donations to the spouses and children of soldiers suffering from various types of physical disabilities inflicted upon them during various wars.

2. AAA Trade Power — Solar — Sydney, New South Wales

Active years — 2010 to 2011

Role & Position — Solar Manager

Mr. Scarborough has also served as the Solar Manager of this magnificent company that is primarily concerned with providing high quality solar systems for homes. Here, he managed a team working on to sell and install solar systems in the city of Sydney and surrounding zones in the radius of 400 Kms. He likewise procured and imported solar panels and inverters while being associated with the organization.

3. AAA Trade Power Insulation Manufacturer/Installations — Sydney, New South Wales

Active Years — 2009 to 2011

Role & Position — Insulation Owner Manager

While serving this company, Mr. Paul managed a team of up to 150 people concerned with selling and installing ceiling insulation within the area of 400 kilometers of Sydney, covering rural towns and NSW coastal cities.

4. World Wide HOME LOANS (AUST) — Sydney, New South Wales

Active Years — 1992 to 2008

Role & Position — Director and Chief Executive Officer

While serving as the CEO and Director of World Wide Home Loans, Mr. Scarborough managed a network of more than 50 independent mortgage and home loan brokers. He was also responsible for accepting and rejecting the home loan applications.

5. GOURMET WINE VAC INC — Los Angeles, California, USA

Active Years — 1990 to 1991

Role & Position — Vice President

Not only in Australia, but Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough has also served an important position in Gourmet Wine Vac INC, California, U.S.A. While serving this organization, Mr. Kent negotiated with inventors in Australia to bring their inventions to America to be promoted and sold.

Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is an inspirational entrepreneur who has tasted immense success in his career on the backing of his smart, creative and unique business approach!



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